Pull Out Method of Birth Control

Most people have heard of the pull out method of birth control. It is a popular birth control method among teenagers, young adults, and couples who are looking for inexpensive birth control. It is also a method that is acceptable to the Catholic Church.

What is the Pull Out Method?

The pull out method of intercourse is also known as "coitus interruptus" or the withdrawal method. It is used between couples who want to have sexual intercourse but do not want their relations to result in a pregnancy. In these cases, the man will withdraw his penis or “pull out” prior to ejaculation as a way of preventing sperm from entering his partner’s vagina and causing a pregnancy. Many couples have been able to successfully use this method but it is a very unpredictable form of birth control because there is a great margin for error in performance.

How is it done?

The main goal of the pull out method is to prevent any sperm from entering the woman’s vagina where it could make its way to the uterus and result in a pregnancy. During intercourse, the male will have to be particularly aware of what he’s feeling. When the male senses he is about to ejaculate or climax, he pulls out of the woman’s vagina. In many cases the man will then masturbate to ejaculation either alone or with participation from his partner. Extreme care needs to be taken to ensure that there is no opportunity for sperm to reach the vagina.

What are the Advantages?

The advantages of the pull out method are that there is no need to use chemicals and other products during sexual intercourse and therefore no expense involved in having intercourse. In addition, there is no real planning needed other than the urination prior to sex, so sexual relations can be more spontaneous than with other methods. The withdrawal method is also one of the few methods of birth control that is acceptable to the Catholic Church which makes it a good option for those who are concerned about remaining true to their teachings.

What are the Disadvantages?

First and foremost, the pull out technique requires an immense amount of self control and timing to be done properly. Withdrawal of the penis must be made prior to ejaculation every time. Second, some couples find that the man having to withdraw prior to ejaculation diminishes the pleasure of climaxing together. Another disadvantage is that this method offers absolutely no protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Unfortunately, it is still popular among young adults who are the least likely to have the necessary self control and the most likely to need protection from STD’s.

Once you are familiar with the pull out method of birth control and what is required for the technique to be effective you will be able to talk with your sexual partner to make the best decision for your relationship. Many couples who for whatever reason cannot use other forms of birth control have been able to use this method effectively.

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